Graphite Lab is a St. Louis based video game development studio.

We founded our company believing that the game development industry was changing and the days of the over-produced, over- developed blockbuster title would be threatened by new models of mobile game development: smaller teams, smaller development cycles and smaller budgets. Seeing St. Louis as a centrally located hotbed of digital creativity, several key members of Springfield game development team Black Lantern Studios relocated and formed what would be a growing force of gaming goodness: the Graphite Lab.

Since our start in 2009, Graphite Lab has developed or co-developed video games featuring major global brands such as Hasbro’s Play-Doh, Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Alien Force, Sesame Street and Zhu Zhu Pets, to name a few. We approach each project (whether large or small) with the same degree of passion for game development and focus on fun that we established while working for major clients like Disney and Nickelodeon.

Graphite Lab has grown from a two man production team to a full-scale game development studio with published work on XBOX360, Nintendo 3DS and Wii – as well earning a reputation as the go-to gaming team for development of mobile games in the mid-west.

Recent Products:

Play-Doh Create ABCs [iOS & Android]

Learn your ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound with this delightfully interactive educational app! PLAY-DOH Create ABCs application is designed to help children develop the essential skills required for reading and writing. Using this app, children will learn to: recognize letters, write letters using proper stroke order and associate letters with sounds.

Doolz: Video Games [iOS & Android]

So you think you’re a l33t gamer who knows video game history? Now you can put your knowledge to the test with Doolz video game trivia app. Doolz will test your knowledge of video games by challenging you with a series of true or false questions. Each round gets more difficult, reducing the amount of time you have to answer the question. Challenge your friends to 1v1 Doolz to determine who’s truly l33t, and who’s a scrub.

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