Event Owners are turning to BusyEvent as a Leader in Mobile Solutions

BusyEvent provides mobile software solutions focused on business-to-business meetings, events and conferences of all sizes.  Since 2006, BusyEvent has been delivering software solutions for the events industry. Today, BusyEvent specializes in mobile applications that return efficiencies and benefits not previously available to event owners.

BusyEvent Mobile App

The BusyEvent Mobile App is available on the iOS and Android platforms and as a responsive web app. It is a self-service tool centered on delivering event efficiencies, driving attendee loyalty, increasing event networking, reducing costs and generating revenues.

BusyEvent Mobile enables the Event Owner to:

  • Quickly create an event
  • Upload attendee, speaker and exhibitor profiles
  • Generate revenues with detailed event intelligence through DataKeys
  • Enable attendee networking with individualized timelines and newsfeeds
  • Drive collaboration through gaming and leaderboard features
  • Share information via social channels

Return on ActionSM

BusyEvent continues to perfect the event experience through its Return on ActionSM process for tracking and reporting on the actions of attendees at live events. This valuable information benefits the event producer, attendee, exhibitor, speaker, and sponsors through the availability of powerful behavioral data inherent to the BusyEvent Mobile platform. BusyEvent Mobile users can count on new feature functionality that is highly relevant and reliable for today’s events.

Next Generation Provider of Mobile Technologies

BusyEvent is a next generation provider of mobile technologies for the events industry. BusyEvent has harnessed the power of mobility in its software solutions for Fortune 500 event producers, association managers, and affiliates.

For Partnership and Investment opportunities with BusyEvent, visit www.busyevent.com or contact founders@busyevent.com.

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