FanzLive is a digital platform which allows fans to share photos, video, and text from live sporting events and concerts. FanzLive is an open network which builds communities around teams and musicians. Whether you’re at the stadium or half a world away, fans see all the best content live from the venue and save it to their own digital locker to preserve that memory forever.

Our company’s goal is to license our technology platform to sports teams, musical acts, and major brands in the form of proprietary smart-phone apps. Our first customers for these branded apps included Saint Louis University, Schalke 04, a German professional soccer team, and Anheuser-Busch. These apps allow our customers to engage their fans in the digital space as well as drive new streams of revenue. In addition to content creation and sharing, our apps have advertising and e-commerce capabilities.

Typically, when a brand sponsors a team, they get their logo banner hung in the arena and maybe their name listed in the program. But with FanzLive, the brand leaves the stadium with the fan and is displayed next to incredible content that the fan is excited about. FanzLive provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers on their mobile devices.

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