Enliven is a St. Louis-based creative technology firm defining the intersection of Form + Function in the digital space.

At the center of Enliven’s wheelhouse are projects that require sophisticated technological solutions and a polished user experience. We’re partnering with local, national, and international companies, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations, to create software, develop websites, build ecommerce systems, launch mobile sites, engineer DNN platforms, and much more–all with the end-goal of delighting our clients and their customers.

We believe in investing the time needed to fully understand the business problems facing our clients before proposing technological solutions. Our in-depth discovery process and awareness of clients’ macro goals ensure the longevity and relevance of our solutions beyond the stated scope.


• Custom software development
• Strategy and consulting
• User experience research, planning and design
• CMS development and implementation (extensive experience in DNN)
• Mobile design and development for iOS and Adroid
• Responsive web design

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