Integrity is the leading interactive agency in St. Louis that lives and breathes all things digital. The web professionals at Integrity work with brands to create meaningful experiences through interactive media platforms. Creating sleek, sophisticated websites that are designed specifically to exceed client business goals is just the tip of the awesome iceberg at Integrity.

They’re also masters of foosball.

Founded by fearless leader John Simanowitz in 2001, Integrity’s reputation has been built on the idea that passion drives success. The addition of partner and Chief Creative Officer, Ed Morrissey has only fueled the growth of Integrity’s team of passionate web nerds. This lethal and genius combination of web juggernauts skyrockets Integrity to the top of the St. Louis tech scene – and they don’t plan on coming down any time soon.

Integrity’s patented process for building beautiful websites and kickass mobile apps is what makes them so effective. Following a careful series of steps, each of which requires client collaboration and approval before moving on to the next phase, ensures each project that finds itself inside the orange walls of Integrity is an undeniable success for everyone involved.

Integrity’s success comes from its amazing team and their ability to complete tasks on tight deadlines and prides itself on being the most responsive firm in the market. The Integriteam is always ready and willing to assist clients with whatever they need, whenever they need it.


  • Strategy, Consulting and Online Branding
  • Creative Web Design specializing in extensive WordPress
  • Web Application Development, primarily in the LAMP stack
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile Application Development in iOS, Android and RIM
  • Social Media Application Development and Engagement using Buddy Media
  • Traffic Generation with SEO, SEM and PPC experts
  • Custom Application Design


  • Serve mostly large firms with internal IT teams
  • Extensive healthcare expertise
  • Start-up web product development expertise
  • Technology, creative and strategy
  • E-commerce
  • Extensive monetization expertise
  • User experience design


Web design, web application development, WordPress, mobile application development, social media, SEO, branding, marketing, strategy, SEM, digital, usability, user experience design

Check out for more info – and if you dare to find out more about the craziness that happens between the orange and whiteboard walls overlooking the famous Delmar Loop, like Integrity on Facebook and follow them on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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