Once upon a time, our founder was sitting where you are today. Well, not exactly where you are sitting…but she was sitting in an office struggling to stay afloat with all that is thrown at a practice administrator on a daily basis. Development of written policies and procedures got pushed aside many times as other fires kept popping up to be dealt with. Training the staff on HIPAA and the practices privacy and security procedures were often interrupted by phone calls and patient emergencies. Tasks to stay compliant were often lost in the ever-growing “to do” pile. There had to be an easier way! Thus…HIPAAtrek was born.

Currently, our software allows you to collaborate with others in the creation, management and communication of your HIPAA policies and procedures. Unlike other HIPAA software, HIPAAtrek allows you to create completely customizable policies and procedures that fit your organization!

We are working hard to create new features including: managing HIPAA tasks, training your staff, and assessing your security risks, all on the HIPAAtrek platform.

At HIPAAtrek we do have an unnatural love for HIPAA. It is that love for HIPAA plus our relentless commitment to making HIPAA accessible and approachable that will make you love HIPAA too! (Okay, we realize we may have gone a little far there. But, you get the picture. You’ll at least tolerate HIPAA a bit more).

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