Who is Norse?

Norse is a leading innovator of IT security and fraud prevention solutions – and the only provider of live, actionable, cyber threat intelligence. Our patent-pending IPViking technology continuously monitors the Internet for hacker activity and high risk network traffic. Using proprietary big data analytics of the internet’s high-risk traffic, IPViking enables companies to prevent financial fraud, enhance network security and protect against security breaches. From enterprises to developers, NorseCorp enables live, proactive, security and anti-fraud solutions for websites, applications, e-commerce systems, and network devices.

The Norse mission is to provide customers with the most advanced live threat intelligence and solutions available, enabling them to minimize e-commerce fraud and prevent security breaches. Norse is a purpose-driven company, comprised of employees who have served in law enforcement, government, and technology and are committed to reverse the disturbing trend of damaging attacks against innocent organizations.

Live Threat Intelligence

Norse continually scours the Internet’s darkest corners, where the hackers and “bad actors” like to operate from. Norse has 38 datacenters around the globe, in addition to its presence in the top 20 Internet Exchange points around the world, where they analyze over 4.2 billion IP addresses every five seconds. Norse uses a variety of tools to collect malicious Web activity, including, but not limited to: Honeypots, IRC, SEO, Anon-Proxy.

Norse Solutions:

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